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President Ji Weimin of CGCOC Group, along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC.
DATE 2015/11/20   views [975]

President Ji Weimin of CGCOC Group, along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC.


On September 22nd, 2015, President of CGCOC, Mr. Ji Weimin, and Vice president of CGCOC, Mr. Yuan Fengjun who is also chairman of ASUC come to ASUC to give advice and guidance in the work. General Manager of ASUC, Mr. Wu Kang, along with his middle-level leading group, gives them warm reception and listens to their work instructions carefully.

In the work instruction meeting, General Manager Wu reports to President Ji and Vice President Yuan the current operation status of ASUC. Then President Ji and Vice President Yuan listen to the heads of ASUCs senior departments such as Marketing Department, Engineering Department, Financial Department and General Department one by one for their considerations and suggestions on the issue of how to develop a more mature ASUC under current economic situations. In the end, President Ji and Vice President Yuan deliver their important speech respectively.

Vice President Yuan points out that influenced by global economy, construction industry has slowed down. Under this pressure, ASUC actively explores its market, only relying on its own platform and making use of CGCOC groups resources. Such pioneering spirit would be praised by the group. In addition, CGCOC group is continuously concerning the development status of related market. In the process of adjusting its development strategy and improving itself, CGCOC group will do its best to help and support ASUC to develop better.

President Ji said that firstly, current economy is weak both internationally and domestically; the economic environment is in its storm; but CGCOC group obtains significant and valuable development opportunities by virtue of its ability; its business is superiority in quality and abundance in quantity. Environment within the group is unique, demonstrating a good momentum of development. CGCOC has a timely, efficient and high-level understanding and perception on the economic development of its key markets. Based on rational analysis and scientific judgment of actual situation, we consult for the tendency before taking action, so we have confidence in the future. Secondly, as an inseparable part of the group, ASUC should enter into the group's key markets, follow the group's key projects and make use of the group's platform and resources, actively cooperating with the group to develop its market.

Finally, ASUCs development should be both watching overhead and down to earth. No.1 ASUC should keep up with the development ideas of the group, always know about the new situation of the group and keep pace with the group in thought and deed; No.2 ASUC should forge a unique delivery ability; No.3 ASUC should continue to integrate resources in Anhui Province, setting up a platform with construction as its leading industry; No.4 ASUC should give play to its own initiative, actively exploiting potential projects.

President Jis arrival has opened a broad development vision for ASUC who is bearing a heavy burden, defining a clear development direction for ASUC and even boosting its confidence for development timely and greatly.


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