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Construction work for the base of ASUCs Algeria branch enters its final stage
DATE 2015/11/24   views [946]

Construction work for the base of ASUCs

Algeria branch enters its final stage

On September 5th, the base building of ASUCs Algeria branch tops out, which marks the main structure is completed and the decoration and finishing work is about to be carried out; thus the construction work for the base enters its final stage. The whole project is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of October, 2015.

The base in Algeria is located in Hammadi Town, Boumerdes Province, which is about10 kmfrom Algiers Boumediene Airport and adjacent to the Airport Highway and East-West Highway. It has a convenient transportation. The Base covers an area of about 3,000 square meters, the floorage of which is about 1,800 square meters, including a dormitory building, an office building, a watch room and equipments room, etc. It is under preparation from the end of April, 2015 and can be immediately put into use after completion.

ASUCs Algeria Branch, as one of the company's front position and with its superior geographical advantages, can be used to acquire in a timely manner and analyze accurately the local market conditions. Following CGCOCs requirement on the localization of its professional companies, the establishment of ASUCs Algeria Branch could play a positive role in expanding the market and vigorously carrying out its business activities.

һƪDu Fengshan, General Manager of CGCOC Water, along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC
һƪPresident Ji Weimin of CGCOC Group, along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC.

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