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Du Fengshan, General Manager of CGCOC Water, along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC
DATE 2015/11/27   views [952]

  Du Fengshan, General Manager of CGCOC Water,     along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC

On August 14th, Du Fengshan, General Manager of Zhejiang CGC Overseas Water Industrial Co. Ltd., along with his delegation, comes to visit ASUC. ASUC's General Manager, Mr. Wu Kang, along with the companys high level leadership, such as marketing, operating, administrative departments and senior consultant etc., gives them a warm reception and accompanies the visit.

General Manager Du Fengshan, along with his delegation, gets a comprehensive understanding of ASUC's development status, operating mechanism, corporate culture construction and etc. In the exchange meeting, General Manager Wu and Du explore the international political and economic situation that overseas companies are facing currently and analyze it in-depth, especially the development environment in the field of international engineering contracting and its opportunities and challenges. GM Wu and Du agreed that cooperation is the base of a prosperous company; exchange is an action of obtaining wisdom, which could both meet CGCOC Groups developing aim of internationalization and professionalization, and achieve the branch companys aim of effectively "going abroad".

GM Wu states that present stage of international economy is a critical period for foreign trade enterprises to practice and experience. ASUC is very appreciative of CGCOC Waters good momentum of development, and moreover, CGCOC Waters strong market developing ability and rich management experiences that have been accumulated for many years. ASUC will strive to learn from CGCOC Waters growth pattern and successful experience. ASUC is very grateful for GM Du paying a visit and passing on their valuable experiences in its important period of development; ASUC also firmly believe that it will create brilliant achievements under the leadership of CGCOC Group and the support of CGCOC Water.

GM Du firstly affirms that ASUC has advantage in resources and capacity in resources integration, and then he points out that foreign trade enterprises should keep up with the development of world situation. CGCOC Water is trying to expand new market on the basis of its existing business; GM Du hopes that ASUC could take advantages and integrate resources inAnhuiProvince, so that ASUC and CGCOC Water could achieve win-win cooperation in the new market or new project. The two parties also exchange ideas on relevant project construction and future cooperation.

GM Dus visit enhances communication, understanding and friendship for the two companies; moreover, it lays a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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