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Mr. Liu Yong, person in charge of ASUCs Ethiopia working group, pays a visit to CGCOCs Ethiopia br
DATE 2015/12/2   views [1060]

Mr. Liu Yong, person in charge of ASUCs Ethiopia working group, pays a visit to CGCOCs Ethiopia branch

On August 7th, Mr. Liu Yong, person in charge of ASUCsEthiopiaworking group, comes to management department of CGCOCsEthiopiabranch to visit Mr. Guo Haichun, manager of the operation department. The two parties exchange in-depth views on market status, bidding strategy, cooperation planning and etc. of the housing market in Ethiopian.

In the meeting, Manager Liu first reports the recent bidding work of his working group; Manager Guo affirms our partys work, and inquires about the living conditions of the working group. Subsequently, the two managers share opinions frankly on current status of housing market in Ethiopia, and also bidding information, risk factors, business operations and advantages and disadvantages that CGCOC has in Ethiopia housing market. The two parties also agree on the bidding process inEthiopiahousing market, programming the future bidding cooperation.

Finally, Manager Guo expresses his high expectations on ASUCsEthiopiaworking group, hoping that both parties could cooperate to make the cause of Ethiopiahousing as an excellent operation part in CGCOCs business. Manager Liu said that his working group would be determined to follow the instructions of the management department of CGCOCs Ethiopia Branch, working diligently and earnestly and learning from partners, trying to achieve more inEthiopiahousing market.


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