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Anhui Sinoocean Union Construction Co., Ltd., of which the headquarter located on the bank of Swan Lake in Government Affairs District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and the administrative body was established in Beijing. As the diversified ownership new model enterprise, the company was established with equity participants such as CGCOC Group (state owned company), Anhui Sijian holding Group, Anhui Hubin Construction Group and Anhui Yaohai Steel Structure Holdings Corporation.

As a new pattern foreign economic relations company which is the first to establish the diversified ownership, CGCOC Group is a multinational corporation invested and formed by domestic petrochemical industrymining exploration, engineering construction and investment, which has scientific and advanced enterprise culture idea, flexible and efficient market operation mechanism, as well as rich overseas investment and construction experience, with business scattered a dozen of countries in Africa, overseas branches and working bodies and 7 domestic branches. Anhui Sijian Holding Group, Anhui Hubin Construction and Yaohai Steel Structure are provincial outstanding construction companies, with Class A construction qualification and overseas construction and operation qualification, rich experience in constructing large-scale projects, strong capital ability, excellent level of expertise and rich construction experience. Never heavy project quality problem or producing safety accidents occurred for years working in overseas projects.

The establishing of this company complies with the development strategy of the Go Out Policy of Chinese enterprises. With the view of the future direction and the sustainable development of domestic construction industry, on basis of win-win cooperation through borrowed wisdom and introduced power as the operation worship, creative development by gathered elites and collected energy as the principle of strengthening the enterprise, the multinational operating strategy is applied in the company, which is specialized in overseas projects construction. 

The company gathered majority of elites and professional s in domestic construction industry, who are young and strong, specialized in their own fields. The market directors , operation directors and department managers have many years of overseas construction experience and teamwork wisdom, with the construction dream to lead the Chinese enterprises towards overseas market. A elite team working on overseas construction for rich experience, used to complete multiple building projects in more than 30 countries and achieved the positive approvals from high-rise in central enterprises, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and other government authorities and foreign economic departments. Years of working overseas, this team has achieved wide interpersonal connections, rich overseas investment and building experience, as well as control ability about overseas projects.       

With high starting point, broad platform, new system, flexible mechanism, internationalized and opening, on basis of the principle gathering elites and collecting energy to strengthen the company, the corporation high ranking are from domestic construction elites and specialists. In addition that, marketing director and managers of departments have years of overseas working experience and team working wisdom, with the dream of building dream to overseas markets.

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